Exploring Unexpected Places in Israel

I came across this interesting article on my email from a Travel Gazette and it was obviously fed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism however it is something that I have wanted to blog about for the longest time.  In my part of town as well as in many Christian cities all over the world, it is the sacred places which comes to mind when Israel is mentioned.

However during my various trips to this beautiful country through the decades, I have seen and learned about other charming sites, historical and archeological finds which will surely be attractive to tourists.

Allow me to mention this lifting from the emailed information and interspersing with my experience.

Far more than the unprecedented collection of holy sites in the Old City in Jerusalem and the bustling art, culinary and nightlife scenes in Tel Aviv, Israel is a diverse and dynamic travel destination with a bevy of unexpected sites and attractions that will surprise and inspire travelers of all tastes and interests.



Located in Israel’s northwesternmost corner, Rosh Hanikra is a 650-foot-deep, naturally formed cavern known for its sparkling turquoise waters and massive rock formations. Visitors to Rosh Hanikra can descend into the grottos via cable car after admiring the rugged Mediterranean coastline.


Northern Israel is also brimming with UNESCO World Heritage sites and boutique wineries. Travelers keen on exploring historical sites can visit the Old City of Acre, an ancient fortified city boasting an abundance of 16th-century Crusader ruins.


Megiddo, an ancient city in the Jezreel valley that is believed to be the place where the biblical battle of Armageddon will be fought.  You can also find an impressive underground tunnel leading to the water source which supplied the whole city.  There is a so called Chariot area where it is believed part of Solomon’s stables.

Baha’i Gardens

Located in the beautiful city of Haifa, even religious groups do not fail to go down and take photos of this colourful and well kept garden.  It is specially pretty during spring when flowers are in bloom.


For the wine-loving traveler, Israel is replete with world-class wineries offering wine tastings and master classes, including Tishbi, Binyamina and Rimon in the north, and in the south, Sde Boker Winery, Carmey Avdat and Neot Smadar.

Israel’s Negev Desert also boasts a wide range of historical sites, natural wonders and adventure activities, including rappelling down the Ramon Crater, the world’s largest geological crater; hiking in the Mars-like Timna National Park; and bird watching in Ein Avdat, a massive canyon just south of the city of Beersheba.


And from the Golan Heights in the north to Negev Desert in the south, travelers in Israel can partake of unexpected dining experiences, including cooking classes in Mizpe Matat with celebrated Chef Erez Komorovsky, high-end restaurants overlooking the Ramon Crater and home-cooked meals with EatWith, a new culinary experience allowing gourmets to dine in the homes of Israeli families.

In addition to the cooking class experience, included usually are visits to the colourful markets of the city such as Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, Carmel Market in Tel Aviv or the various small markets in the old city of Jaffa.