Pinoys invited to Israel to learn farming

On the 60th year of Philippine-Israeli diplomatic relations, Larry’s Classic Tours Inc. participates jubilantly by arranging the opening of doors of Israeli entities to encourage Filipinos from all walks of life to pick up the challenge that when it comes to food production, man will crack his God-given talent to help alleviate hunger.

The “curriculum” of this “Grow, Glow, Go!—Growing Vegetables The Israeli Way Study Tour” was designed in such a way as to deliver the strong message that if man puts his mind to a problem, he will find a solution.

“Thus, every morning after breakfast, the tour delegates will traverse harsh, arid ‘wadis’ (valleys), but at the end of the road, the destination is a paradise of succulents whose colors are as varied as Joseph’s amazing technicolor dream coat,” said Rene S. Ocampo, president of Larry’s Classic Tours.

“This tour is a live course on how to respond to the demand for healthy, fresh salads among the Europeans and the locals out of an arid, dry, forsaken region,” Ocampo said.

“Experience the process of solving such an impossible task. You may even get that spark of an idea of how to solve the challenges and opportunities your enterprise is facing you now,” he added.

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This article is originally posted at MANILA STANDARD